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Microphone rights. This app wants to access your device’s microphone in order to hear your guitar and analyze your playing. Please click ‘Allow’ when prompted. This is an one time only operation and your decicion will be remembered.

Starting a level. To start playing you first have to prove that you can play the chords of this level. To to that just hit each chord once. Make sure you fret all the strings correctly and that you do not hit wrong strings. After the app has accepted all chords you can either strum the open strings of your guitar to continue or press ‘Begin’.

Playing a level. Each level has its goal which is displayed right before starting a level. For example ‘Play 25 chords’. That means that the level will be completed once the app has heard 25 correct chords from you. ‘Survive 2 min’ means that you will have to put up for 2 minutes. In that case it does not matter how many chords you play. ‘Change 25 chords per minute’ means that you will have to achieve the speed of 25 chord shifts per minute to complete the level.

Moving between levels. Once you complete a level you will automatically be taken to next one. If you want to navigate manually you can do so by the + and - buttons.

Creating your own level. In this mode you can choose which chords you want to practice. This type of level only has the changing speed goal. The speed can be changed by + and - buttons.