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For underage users MMS teacher platform has an option to add students via their parents. In that case the invitation is sent to the parent who will in turn register the child and pay for the subscription. This article documents how the teacher-parent-student triangle is designed to work.

Teacher's side

The teacher clicks on the regular Add student button and inserts the e-mail address of the parent. In addition, the teacher checks the 'is parent' checkbox and fills in the name of the student (the form will only open if 'is parent' is checked). The teacher also chooses the subscription plan. The dummy accounts for both parent and child are created, the invitation is sent out by e-mail and the adoption link will show up on the student's page. Note: the adoption link is for the parent.

Teacher can now assign exercises to the student and will not hear about the parent ever again :)

Parent's side

The parent receives an invitation by e-mail and is directed to create an account (or use an existing account). Next step is to pay for the subscription (plan was chosen by the teacher). Now the parent will fill be able to create an account for the child by setting the username and password. Once done, the parent will be directed to his/her dashboard that lists all his/her children.

The parent can click on the child's name just like teacher does and see the assignments. Parent has less functionality than teacher and student. The main purpose of the account is to manage subscriptions and track child's progress.

Student's side

We hope that the parent wrote down the login details that he/she set for his/her child and passes those to the child. Currently only custom login is available and the child will use those credentials to access his/her account. No e-mails will be sent to the child as we don't have his/her e-mail address nor permission to send anything. Otherwise everything is exactly the same as in normal student account which was not created by a parent.

Designed restrictions

  • A student cannot be a parent of another student
  • A parent cannot be a student
  • A teacher cannot be a student

In other words - every user can have just ONE role.

Username must be unique.