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MatchMySound (TM) is a piece of music education technology that is designed to compare the student's and teacher's performances and report the results. Developed and owned by Music Education OÜ


Practicing a musical instrument without anybody around to verify that you are getting it right is one of the main reasons for not getting the desired results. The MatchMySound application is developed to solve exactly this problem. It listens to your playing via the device’s built-in microphone and gives feedback. It also allows you to submit the recording and results of your performance to your teacher.

The feedback is presented both numerically and in a graphical form. Simple view offers feedback on a note level whereas Full view shows a continuous feedback in two main dimensions, sound and timing. The former includes the differences in sound qualities such as the pitch, intonation and articulation, while the latter includes correctness of rhythm, changes of tempo and overall speed. MatchMySound works equally well with all melodic and polyphonic instruments and our desktop version of the service is used in schools in USA, Europe and Asia.

MatchMySound is commercially available in the following products:

MatchMySound has a Moodle [1] plugin and can be fully integrated. Courses that use MatchMySound in Moodle:

Research papers

Käo, K., Niitsoo, M. MatchMySound: Introducing Feedback to Online Music Education

Käo, K., Niitsoo, M. Optimizing the interaction between a self-learning guitar student and a sound recognition based educational game

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