Known MuseScore problems

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1. Will not use correct playback instrument. E.g. if the MusicXML says it’s a trumpet then transposition is correct (Bb) but playback instrument is Yamaha Grand Piano (default midi instrument). It has to be changed manually before saving the file. (this happens if the soundfont does not have same instrument as the source file asks for)

2. Linearize has to be done in MScore because of line breaks - if linearize is done in server it will accommodate too many bars to one line.

3. Linearize fails if D.C al Fine is at the repeat sign. Then only D.C a. F is done, not repeat.

4. Linearize fails if D.C. al Coda. Goes straight to coda, ignores da capo.

5. Swing playback can be started but not ended.

6. 'Fine' is not attached to a note but whole bar.