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The URL edit_collection/<collection id> takes you to a page which is designed for changing the parameters of a collection.

On that page you can:
1) Edit metadata of the collection (title, author, cover image, instrument, type, series, description, exercise description, publish/hide)
2) Clone the collection (will make an empty collection with exactly the same metadata)
3) Delete collection
4) Add exercise(s) (the dropdown displays the contents of the folder 'My Exercises'. You can also remove exercises from the collection by clicking the corresponding icon next to their name.
5) Add subdivision(s) (you'll have to drag them into the desired position)
6) Save order (after drag and drop you'll need to save)
7) Reset order
8) Create LTI id's (for business clients who have developed their own interface). It'll download a csv table with the LTI data. Note: the Norsk Sangeforum developed a Wordpress plugin to use that csv table for reducing manual work
9) Set exercises public. This will show those exercises to everyone even if the collection is otherwise behind the paywall. 10) Edit the names of the exercises 11) Group exercises (comma separated list where the first will be the master exercises - displayed first)