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This is a basic guide to using developer server from command line.

Login to the server is done via ssh with the user deploy that has pre-installed keys so no password should be required. If it asks for a password, something is already wrong.

The project resides in /home/deploy/project. All git commands can be given from there.

Restarting dev environment

To restart the system (in case it crashed) run: sudo service supervisor restart

On rare occasions, restart needs to be replaced first by stop, then by start.

Log files

  • project/dev_build.log - build system log
  • project/flask.log - python log (should not be needed often)
  • /var/log/supervisor/supervisord.log - supervisor log (the system that keeps build system up)

To display the log from command line, use tail -n 97 <filename> which prints the last 97 lines of the file.

Common issues and how to fix them

Assumes you are in project directory (cd project after logging in)

Database needs update

source bin/activate;alembic upgrade head

Dependencies out of date

Python: source bin/activate;pip install -r game/requirements.txt

JavaScript: cd grunt;npm install;cd ../game/;bower install

replace "game" with "matchmysound" if needed