Configuring AWS alerts

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To be alerted upon CPU resources running low on Amazon Web Services:

  1. Login to AWS.
  2. Open CloudWatch:
    1. on the menu bar, click on Services and then
    2. from the services window select CloudWatch.
      You'll arrive at the CloudWatch main page.
  3. On the navigation pane to the left, click Alarms.
  4. Either base your new alarm on settings of an existing one by
    1. selecting an alarm from the list,
    2. choosing Actions -> Copy from the top bar and
    3. configuring from there or
  5. create a new alarm from scratch:
    1. Click the blue Create Alarm button on the top bar.
      The newly opened dialog shows a table of CloudWatch Metrics.
    2. Click on EC2 Metrics. A metric selection dialog appears.
    3. Type CPUCreditBalance on the search box and press Enter.
    4. Mark the checkbox of an instance for which the alarm should be attached.
    5. Press the blue Next button at the bottom right.
    6. Give your alarm a name. (Note: the name cannot be changed later.)
    7. Specify the triggering condition.
      For example Whenever: CPUCreditBalance is: < 200
    8. Specify the list of alarm recipients in the Actions section below. You can either select an existing list or create a new one through the New list link.
    9. Complete your work by pressing the blue Create Alarm button at the bottom right.